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How to get the most from your Wedding Hair Trial

Beautiful Bridal Hair for your Wedding Day Kent
Hairstylist Terri Gilham Kent Bridal Hair. Photo Credit Kerry Ann Duffy

Planning for your trial

Be prepared! Start looking for photos of styles you like. Instagram, Websites and Pinterest are great for finding inspiration. I have tons of inspiration on my Pinterest account Please send your inspiration photos to me just before your trial which will help me to prepare well for your appointment.

What to bear in mind when looking for Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Many photos taken solely for Pinterest aren’t necessarily ‘wearable’ for Weddings. The styles can be very loose which means that they would not stay in place for the duration of your Wedding Day.

Styles and texture tend to show up more in blonde hair so if you have found a style on blonde hair and your hair is brown, please know that even if we can achieve the same style on your hair, the details won’t look the same because of the difference in hair colour. If your hair is dark and just one block colour, adding a few carefully placed highlights can make a big difference.

LOTS of styles that you see will have padding and extensions and can’t be achieved without these.

Be realistic. If you are looking at long cascading curls or a huge up-do and you have a bob, we may have to change your focus slightly.

I can advise on all of the above.

If you’re torn between UP or DOWN take into consideration:

Your DRESS: Is there lots of detail at the back that you wouldn’t want to cover up with your hair if it’s down?

The WEATHER: If it’s going to be a scorcher having your hair up will help keep you feeling cool and alleviate the ‘frizz’ effect if your hair is prone to it!

Feel like YOU: You want to be comfortable on your Wedding Day so consider how you will feel if you have a drastic change in how you wear your hair. I wouldn’t suggest your Wedding Day as the time to put a new look to the test!

Your HAIR TYPE: Is your hair going to be able to do what we want it to? Although I can provide extensions and padding, there will be certain styles that demand that little bit more. If you want your hair down, does it hold a curl? Even though I provide as much help as I can, you will know if your hair just doesn’t hold a curl and are you prepared for it to gradually drop throughout the day.

Wedding Hair Kent Bridal Trial Hairstylist
Hairstylist Terri Gilham Kent Bridal Hair. Wedding Hair Trial.

How to prep your hair for your hair trial

I would prefer you to wash and dry your hair the day/night before your trial as your hair will hold better and have more texture if it’s not freshly washed. However, if your hair gets greasy and/or you would just prefer your hair to be clean and fresh then of course please wash and dry it that morning.

What should I bring?

If you have your own extensions you would like to be put in your hair then bring them along. If you have already purchased any accessories for your hair and you have your veil if you are wearing one please bring these along too. However, I do have accessories for you to play with and a veil to hand so don’t sweat if you haven’t decided on these yet.

Beautiful Bridal Updo. Modern Wedding Hairstylist.
Hairstylist Terri Gilham Kent Bridal Hair. Photo Credit Dan Potter Photography.

How long will the trial take?

On average trials take 2 – 2.5 hours.

I don’t advise trying tons of styles at your trial as it can become quite overwhelming for you. It’s best you do most of the groundwork before your trial so we can spend your time perfecting your desired style. Of course though I’m more than happy to try a couple so you can compare.

Don’t be afraid to be honest

The trial is the time to work out exactly the best style for you and the one you are comfortable with. Certain things I may think are working, you might not like. So if you don’t like something, or want to try something else then please ask. Even just adjusting your parting slightly or having a tiny bit more volume can make a huge difference in what makes you love a style and this is the time to work it out and get exactly what you want.

What’s it in for the Bridal Stylist

Well most importantly I get to meet you!

The trial also means I get to work with your hair and see how it behaves, what it will and won’t do and the areas where I will need to give it a little more help to achieve your desired style. It means I can make sure I’m fully prepared and have all my necessary tools and products on the day. If we need some help with extensions then I will be able to colour match them at your trial.

Can I bring someone with me?

Absolutely. Sometimes it’s nice to get feedback from those that know you best so it's not a problem at all to bring someone with you. If you are more comfortable coming by yourself then of course that is fine too.

I look forward to meeting you. Terri x

Wedding Hair Curls. Bridal Half Up Half Down. Soft Romantic
Hairstylist Terri Gilham Kent Bridal Hair. Photo Credit Kay Young Photography.
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