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Why do I need a professional Wedding Hairstylist for my Wedding Day?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

First of all, if you can totally rock your own hair, and you love it and that's what you want then go for it. We all want to feel like 'us' on our Wedding Day and who knows you better than you. However, you will want to make sure you are happy with your finished look on the day and in your photos and your Wedding Day is not the time to 'wing' it.

Lots of us are confident with doing our hair for 'everyday', however, when it comes to Bridal Hair there are lots of factors to take into account.

Will your Wedding hairstyle last into the night? Wedding hair needs to hold, for a long time. For Wedding hair to last a good 12 hours it needs the right preparation, styling products and of course to be secured correctly so you don't have to worry about seeing to it. You will be so busy enjoying yourself the last thing you want to do is to have to touch up your hair. A professional Wedding hairstylist will know exactly how to ensure your style lasts.

Do you want to spend the morning relaxing and having fun with your girl gang or doing your hair? The Wedding morning is a major part of your day. What more could a girl want - hanging out with her besties, prosecco on the go, getting glammed up and, of course, the imminent excitement that it is your Wedding Day. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is have to worry about doing your hair. If a professional is doing it then you can still chat with your girlfriends as no concentration is required. You definitely won't have the time to do your Bridesmaids so if you are getting someone in to do their hair then it makes sense for you to have them do yours too.

Take the stress off you. You wedding morning can be busy and time certainly does fly. You will be checking over last minute details, your flowers will be arriving, you will be giving out gifts. You will also be feeling emotional which can come in waves, any stress that can be taken from you is a good thing. What if on that day your hair just doesn't go to plan, the curls are dropping - take the pressure off and let someone else make you feel confident and beautiful while your girls top up your champagne.

The style options are endless. When you do your hair yourself, you are limited to what you can do. A professional Wedding hairstylist can create styles for you that you didn't think were an option. We have extensions if you need extra length or volume and padding if you don't have quite enough hair for that cool bun you love. Don't write any style off until you have spoken to a professional.

The cost of a professional Bridal hairstylist is an investment. One that you won't regret when you look at your photos. You made sure you got the dress of your dreams, make sure you are confident when you walk down the aisle. You are treating about 100 people to drinks, dinner and dancing, you are making sure the decor and the food are amazing. You have hired an awesome photographer to capture your special moments - don't compromise on yourself.

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