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2020 Bridal Hair Trends

As we saw towards the end of 2019, natural, fuss free, 'undone' hair is what we are seeing brides favourably opting for this year.

Think tousled buns, ponytails, romantic waves and soft loose curls, and there's great news for Brides whose hair just will not hold a curl - sleek, straight hair is making an appearance, most preferably with a centre parting.

It is so common for Brides to start growing their hair as soon as they are engaged so they can have that Bridal 'do'. Well one of the big hair trends for 2020 is the textured bob and shoulder length hair styles and these are going to be carried onto the wedding hair scene. So no need to stress about growing your hair or having extensions unless you really want to.

Braids are still going strong. They will feature in the ever popular half-up styles and even ponytails. Halo braids and milkmaid braids will also be on trend.

Much to my delight, accessories are more popular and bolder than ever.

Flower crowns are big and bold and the more flowers that can adorn the hair the better.

Padded headbands, plain or jewelled are trending everywhere and can be worn with your hair up or down and look great with a veil.

Bows and scarves are beautifully complimenting ponytails and I think a bow will also look great on a half-up style.

There is so much to be excited about for 2020 Bridal Hair and I have a wide range of accessories for my Brides to try at their trials.

I look forward to meeting you all.

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